Thorntree – Chapter 4

IIII. The Stage of his Childhood. Silverspur and the Blackmores; the history that intercedes; a soil too shallow; a soil too dark. The city of Silverspur where Samuel spent the better part of his youth and the majority of his … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 3

III. Infancy Secrecy; a ring; laughter of the cradle and laughter of solitude; the imp and the angel. We are begun strangely — are we not? One writes of a human being, precisely as he differs from his fellows, and therefore is … Read More

Thorntree — Chapter 2

II. Origins. The soil; the seed; the sprout. The persons responsible for Samuel Thornfield’s conception, birth, and upbringing would perhaps best be described as normal, decent, upstanding, law-abiding, well-meaning folk, the sort of parents that both bless a child and … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 1

I. Foreword and Forewarned. A summoning of the tale; tabula plena; whither we tend. About the lives and the deaths of certain individuals there hangs a cloak of secrecy. May be they themselves are secretive, as strangers to their fellow … Read More


He seeks to transform his art — novelty in the novel, some path untried, rejuvenation and resurrection. He strives to the uttermost boundaries of the tradition of writing, coming hard against a wall set at the limit of creative possibility … Read More