Spurned by his wife and forsaken by his sons, Sammos Vixài, aging patriarch of a noble line of shepherds, is fast losing his way. As he toils in wild lonely places, he meditates on the modernity which is rendering his traditions unrecognizable to him. And when an impossible opportunity arises for him to seek out his family, he must decide if he will discard everything he has ever known for a world he has never tasted, far from the hills of his ancestors.


The tales of Robin Hood breathing with new wind. Told in a variety of perspectives from within and without, the old myth comes to life again, discovering novel vistas and unexpected turns on the worn paths of Sherwood. Man of Loxley is a flight of fancy and an investigation into the nature and meaning of legend itself, told through the medium of one of the richest and most exuberant legends of them all.

He seeks to transform his art—novelty in the novel, some path untried, some undiscovered rejuvenation and resurrection. He strives to the uttermost boundaries of the tradition of writing, coming hard against a wall set, it would seem, at the limit of creative possibility itself; and there he stalls and vainly flounders. Until at last in his despair he finds himself groping toward a sinister power beyond his reckoning, one which might succor him, granting him the power to make the next step that he unaided is incapable of making – but only at the greatest of all possible prices.