A Window Through, Part III

WE HAVE TWICE now made reference to a certain “gentleman” in our all-too-brief investigation of the migrant crisis, and we have not done so idly: we wish neither to make vague and ungrounded accusations against this man, nor to lay … Read More

A Window Through, Part II

WE LEFT OFF with some rather heavy claims regarding the future of Europe and the question of our heritage as Westerners. These are claims which, so far from being generally ruminated by the European status quo, are in general vomited … Read More

Reflections on the Gettysburg Address, Part III

WHEN LINCOLN took office, it was widely known where he stood on the slave issue: his “House Divided” speech, among others, left no doubt about that. He had stated, with all openness, that the Union could not persist in being … Read More

A Window Through, Part I

TO WHOMEVER would seek a window into the real state of affairs in our contemporary societies, no better opening can be suggested than that furnished by the so-called “immigration crisis.” Its real causes, its actual consequences, its true goals, are … Read More

Reflections on the Gettysburg Address, Part II

LINCOLN’S FAMED LOYALTY to the Constitution is a matter of some curiosity if it is considered in reference to the slave question. It has been said that Lincoln throughout his life regarded slavery un-Constitutional; but most of the evidence for … Read More

Evergreen Revisited

ONE IS WELL served in the contemporary world by having a mind like an amoeba, which indiscriminately swallows everything it comes across—and has done with it as quickly. One really has to suspect that the daily consumers of the press—not … Read More

Skirmishes, May 2017

Oil to the Social Machine Integration—or Coexistence? The Hand that Wields the Gun The French Election and the Dream of Europe The Populist Catch-all