He glanced up just in time to catch the practiced upward arc of the man’s hand, the snub-nosed pistol in it. He should surely have been caught less off his guard — he had heard that they were doing it … Read More


WELCOME to the portal to the works of John Bruce Leonard, novelist, essayist, and poet. I most cordially invite you, Reader, to rove at your pleasure, and to have your will of my work.      If some more particular … Read More

Europe and Europa

Note: The following essay was written in the early days of October of the previous year, during the initial troubles in Catalonia. That issue is somewhat aged by now; but the questions which are addressed in this essay, the author … Read More

Cultural Appropriation and the West

NOT FOUR MONTHS BACK our ears were still ringing with the shrill accusations of “cultural appropriation” leveled against those Whites who, for the duration of a mere Halloween eve, had dared costume themselves in the garb and aspect of peoples … Read More

Sketch of the Italian General Elections

THE ITALIAN ELECTIONS, scheduled for the fourth of this coming March, are now less than a month distant. They are unlikely to receive the kind of broad international interest which attended the late French elections; nonetheless, in certain ways they … Read More

Beyond the Spectrum

IT IS EVERYWHERE increasingly felt that there is something about the old left-right political dichotomy which does not quite “fit” our times. To name but the most celebrated example of its shortcomings: it fails to give consistent account for certain … Read More

Cultura animae

IN THE STRUGGLE which presently engages us, and upon which our very future rides, it is imperative that we keep stern vigil over our tongues. The words we have at our disposal are our weapons in the metapolitical aspect of … Read More