He seeks to transform his art — novelty in the novel, some path untried, rejuvenation and resurrection. He strives to the uttermost boundaries of the tradition of writing, coming hard against a wall set at the limit of creative possibility … Read More

Bear Thee Children

Bear thee children to the world, for the wonder that is life. Let thy worship be made in flesh, that God and world alike shall know the nature of thy love. What is a husband without an heir, a wife … Read More

World and Maker

World without Maker is deed and no doer, song without singer, a motherless child. World without Maker is half an answer begging reply to the riddle of world. Mind without Maker is soul scorning soul, the eye and the arrow … Read More

After a Long Hiatus

I have determined after a silence of several years to attempt to reclaim this old website from the brink of digital oblivion, whereupon it has too long languished. A number of the reasons behind my will to renew it stand … Read More


To be published in coming days: Thorntree, a contemporary retelling of the Faust legend. Please check in again soon.

End of Days

There is a wistfulness to the end of days,the cycle run, nor more to dothan wait and wait, dream gilded yesterdays,until the cycle be renewed. There is a vanity to the final times,this clock that’s turned, this course long set,and … Read More