Thorntree – Chapter 7

VII. School the Second. The tale and the game; a search for the unseen; the first conjuration; illness and recovery. Thrust against his wishes into a community that did not understand him, and did not want him; oppressed by teacher … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 6

VI. School the First. The shattering of his solitude; the birth of his isolation; society convenes; a revelation; a near miss. Well and enough! But the time has come that we must summon the initial true moments of Samuel’s life, … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 4

IIII. The Stage of his Childhood. Silverspur and the Blackmores; the history that intercedes; a soil too shallow; a soil too dark. The city of Silverspur where Samuel spent the better part of his youth and the majority of his … Read More