Il Castello di Acquafredda

They call it the Castle of Cold Water.There Ugolino on a pinnaclebuilt his lonely citadelin signal of his reign,as if mere height and commanding visionwould grant a man whole dominionover the very earth itself. And there from the Castle of … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 3

III. Infancy Secrecy; a ring; laughter of the cradle and laughter of solitude; the imp and the angel. We are begun strangely — are we not? One writes of a human being, precisely as he differs from his fellows, and therefore is … Read More

Thorntree — Chapter 2

II. Origins. The soil; the seed; the sprout. The persons responsible for Samuel Thornfield’s conception, birth, and upbringing would perhaps best be described as normal, decent, upstanding, law-abiding, well-meaning folk, the sort of parents that both bless a child and … Read More

Thorntree – Chapter 1

I. Foreword and Forewarned. A summoning of the tale; tabula plena; whither we tend. About the lives and the deaths of certain individuals there hangs a cloak of secrecy. May be they themselves are secretive, as strangers to their fellow … Read More

A Plague Upon Us

There is a plague upon us. Would that ours were as that pest that by God’s occulted will rose in a fiery brazen lust to snatch the child from the mother’s breast, and stifle the virgin in her fair repose, … Read More

A Second Wind

If a second wind were granted us    to fill our flagging sails could we find the strength to steer our ships    for Ithaca’s shining shores? Or would we yet harbor, fearful and frail,    before Calypso’s gilded doors? … Read More


He seeks to transform his art — novelty in the novel, some path untried, rejuvenation and resurrection. He strives to the uttermost boundaries of the tradition of writing, coming hard against a wall set at the limit of creative possibility … Read More